Research & Digital Strategy

Pencils sharpened, notepads ready.....

Once we have had our initial meeting where we have discussed your aims and goals, listened to what you want to achieve and where you want to take your business to and get an understanding of the very core of your business and of course several cups of coffee later...

We research your business market, it's challenges, weaknesses and strengths. Then we identify or create the opportunities to make you stand out above the noise.

Using workshops and independent research, the most current data available, we will shape our approach. Creating a digital strategy specifically for you which is optimised for your business success.



Digital success used to be just about look and feel, but today... now it is all about the user journey.

Creating a path for the user that is interactive, attractive, comfortable, simple and above all intuitive. Building optimised landing pages will lead your users to where you want them to go...

We make you look good

Our talented, award winning design team is at the heart of everything we do. Whether a complete website, an App or a greenfield new branding project.

Imagination combined with their talent and skills our team... think outside the usual parameters, turn it upside down and inside out, push every boundary of creativity..... limited only by the amount of hours in a day and how much coffee is left....



We like things that don't fall over...

Our full stack developers are at the top of their game, from front-end to back-end, WOW work to the most robust, extensible and maintainable coding standards.

Working with the latest programming languages and platforms to create the best UI/UX which is responsive, reliable and fast.

We also develop custom software using cross platform applications, object orientated programming and quality server administration.



WOW search engine optimisation (SEO) ensures the growth of quality and quantity of your web traffic by increasing your visibility.

To ensure the robustness of your site we test everything to destruction, push it to its limits and do it all over again.

Hosting on dedicated and the most secure servers ensuring you the best service available, comfort and peace of mind.

The site launch with ongoing testing, evaluation and continuing optimisation we are on our journey.... the next stage of a long digital partnership.

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